Workshop Details - Room Opal

Opal (H)

Thursday 05/10/17

Friday 06/10/17



How to get the best view from your VL

Type: Workshop

Chairs: T. Gaszyinski



Self assessment and giving feedback in difficult airway management

Type: Workshop

Chairs: A. Saracoglu / K. Saracoglu



A Masters Program for Airway Management

Type: Expert Round Table

Chairs: P. Charco


The Master of Airway Management (MAM) provides high quality education through challenging curriculum, comprehensive clinical teaching, technical skills and global simulation program. We prepare safe and competent providers for the airway management in surgical and emergent patient.



The highlight of a Master program in AM is the outstanding clinical training each student receives.


Description: In this Expert Round table, we will discuss about:

  1. The creative process of a master program in AM.
  2. A theoretical structured program in AM teaching.
  3. Bases of the knowledge in learning of the airway materia.
  4. Which are the better tools for online communication.

Two of the most important questions to ask when choosing a Master program in AM are:

  1. Will I learn how to think critically and develop confidence in my decision-making abilities?
  2. Will my clinical exposure be sufficiently diverse?

We think we learn more by making decisions than by watching someone else make decisions. The master give the support that enables you to make decisions. Diversity of clinical exposures is the basis of a master program in AM.

An AM program should be always under constant scrutiny by the students and faculty on how we can do better. Students should be actively involved in decisions that affect the training program. The combination of an excellent clinical environment and strong academic endeavors will make the best training program in their country.

At the end, we will discuss:

  1. Why do you have an AM master?
  2. What is an AM master?
  3. What does want the teacher about it?
  4. What does need the student about it?
  5. How are we working on a master program?
  6. Should we have a EAMS master in AM? European accreditation.



Fiberoptic intubation: how can it be implemented in daily routine

Type: Expert Round Table

Chairs: C. Byhahn, F.Pühringer



Improving your departments airway skills

Type: Expert Round Table

Chairs: J. Huitink



DGAI AK Atemwegsmanagement

Type: Arbeitskreissitzung

Chairs: F. Kehl